Resource Centre 
room. 413, tel. 239-42-81
Franko University Liverpool University Universite d'Angers Universidad de Extremadura


Management staff :

Marko Latyk Manager, Lecturer of English, Dpt. of English Philology.

Roman Pomirko Director, Professor, Doctor of Philology.

Bohdan Popovych in Charge of Equipment Delivery, Lecturer of English, Dpt. of English Philology.

      The Resource Centre was launched in 1997 owing to the International Project “TEMPUS-Tacis ” “Applied Foreign Languages”, won by the Faculty. 

      The Consortium partners of the Project are: University d'Angers (France), John Moorse University, Liverpool (Great Britain), Extramadura University (Spain). 

Inside the Resource Centre

      The author and local coordinator of the project is Professor Roman Pomirko, the European coordinator is Professor Dominique Dubois (France).

Meeting with the partners (Dominique Dubois in centre)

       The Resource Centre was created to help introduce advanced technologies into the process of learning and teaching foreign languages as well as publish books and manuals on methods of teaching based on new technologies.
In the Resource Centre the Scientific Seminar on Advanced Technologies in Teaching Foreign Languages is conducted on the regular basis.
At present the stuff of the Faculty have prepared more than 30 computer programms.

Try some samples of our computer programms:LIST OF PROGRAMMES

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3